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Share the Love of Jesus with Children and....

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Be a part of Weird Animals VBS  

What’s Weird Animals all about?

Weird Animals sounds ….well weird.  It is.   That’s what’s fun about it.   Through talking about some funny animals, children in our church and community will come together and discover that even if you feel alone, or make mistakes, or are afraid, or don’t understand – Jesus loves you!   It’s an important message that kids will love.  

What can YOU do to help share the love of Jesus to children in our church and community?

  1. If you have children 3 years old to going into 4th grade – Sign up today because  they won’t want to miss it!    It’s so helpful for us in our planning for kids to have early registration. We are having a drawing for some fun prizes  if you register early.   The first prize is this Sunday and it will be a basket of fun things for you and your child to do together!  The earlier you sign up the more chances you will have to win!   
  2. Be a Volunteer!   There is something for everyone and we need LOTS of people to give the kids a safe and wonderful experience.  If you like to create things, tell stories, make snacks, play games, or just be with kids – there is something for you!
  3. Tell everyone you know about VBS  When you see our posts on Facebook, share them with your friends or grab some post cards and give them to your friends with children.  

Here is the link to sign up to participate or to volunteer for Weird Animals, July 21 to 25 from 9-12. 

Come sing, laugh, play and discover that the love of Jesus is one of a kind!  

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