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Worship Times - Something New!?

By Jonathan Hoeldtke in Woodstown Presbyterian Church over 5 years ago | 839 views Link:

It’s official.  I just changed the information on our website.  No we don’t have different worship start times.  Those are still the same.  What I added to the website are our ending times as well.  Why?  So you and our guests know how long the service lasts and can predict and plan their day.  This is part of our commitment to you and your time.  Its going to take extra work but we think its important.  So what are the ending times?

Check it out  on our website!

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Kirk Manning

Good idea, but we’ll need to figure out a way to be true to this. Once I’m told an ending time, I have a firm expectation.

Jonathan Hoeldtke

You are correct Kirk. And that part of the point. It is going to take work.

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