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Who should go to a healing service?

By Jonathan Hoeldtke in Woodstown Presbyterian Church about 5 years ago | 980 views Link:

As part of Pray33 we are holding a healing service Thursday night, November 14 at 7.  It will be held in the sanctuary.

There will be some singing at the beginning, a short message about healing and then an opportunity for people to be prayed for.  We will have three prayer stations people can come to one of the prayer ministers and be annointed with oil and recieve prayer. It’s a lot simpler than most people think.

 You might be wondering, “Who should go to a healing service?”

If you:

  • need physical healing, it doesn’t matter what it is, if it matters to you than we will pray for healing.
  • need emotional healing.  Maybe you have been depressed or anxious we will pray that God will give you joy and peace.
  • need spiritual healing.  Maybe you dont have a relationship with God and you want one.  Maybe you have been distant or feel spiritually oppressed.  We will pray for your release and for reconciliation with God.
  • need relational healing.  Is your marriage strained?  Family tensions?  We will pray for healing of those relationships.

You can probably add more.  Basically, if life is not the way it is suppose to be you are a candidate for healing prayer.  

You might want to come on behalf of someone else who cannot make it.  God can work that way too.  Read Luke 7:1-10.

You may not think you need healing but you want to come anyway because you want to be there praying for others.  

So, hopefully you are now rethinking this healing service you saw on our Pray33 calendar.  This just might be an opportunity for God to do something wonderful in your life.



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