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Thank you to everyone who helped in making last week a Holy Week.  So many contributed from ushering, greeting, serving communion, setting up a prayer labyrinth, organizing flowers, children’s ministry, nursery, folding bulletins, setting up chairs, preparing food, cleaning, doing sound, computers, cleaning table cloths, praying, setting up tables, inviting, moving, welcoming, and the list goes on.  The musicians spent hours preparing and were wonderful.  Thank you to all.  It was a truly meaningful week and your part was no less than serving and ministering to others and to the Lord!

We now are moving into a new season and sermon series called “Searching for the Kingdom.”  One of the prominent themes of the gospels is the Kingdom of God.  But how many of us are sure we know what that is?  Where is it?  When is it?  How do I become part of it?  All good questions that we will try to answer from scripture during this 6 week series.  Along the way we will have a special service on Mother’s Day and Youth Sunday.


This Sunday you notice two new changes.  One, we will have new bulletins!  They will be smaller.  This will help us save paper.  It is also a custom designed bulletin which will be a colorful addition.  You might even recognize the faces on the cover! 

Two, you will notice that we added the Fellowship of Presbyterians logo with a brief description of what that means.  If you are unsure yourself I encourage you to go to the Fellowship of Presbyterians website and read more about it.  We are now a member of this fellowship.  Don’t get confused.  We are still a PCUSA church.  That won’t change.  We will put a link on our website so it is easy for you to navigate to it.


The Session and Trustees continue to work on the parking issues that challenge us.  If there is a problem I want to have it is parking!  I am working on a document that reviews all of our attempts to deal with the issue and the results.  This has been identified as a problem for 6 or 7 years now and is only getting more challenging.  In 2009 we started a Parking Task Force who subsequently submitted a report.  The next step is to decide if additional parking is feasible and if it is wise project for us to undertake.  Your input is welcomed.


You might wonder what that is?  It is a fee of $37 that we pay to the Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly for each active member of our congregation.  This does not include children who have not joined the church.  Multiply 37 times over 300 and you come up with a pretty hefty number that we have to fork out at the beginning of the year.  Paying it all at once gives us a discount (incentive to pay early).  We encourage all members to look in their offering envelope box and pull out the blue envelope and use it to contribute to the per capita apportionment. Multiply the number of church members in your household (this includes students who have joined) by 37 and make your check out for that amount.  It will be recorded on your financial statement.  If this is too much of a hardship then don’t worry about it.  We won’t drop you from the membership rolls!  We wanted you to know that it is a significant expense we pay each year and how you can help us is funding our apportionment budget.  Look for more information in the coming weeks.

Blessings to you all!  I hope that you are looking forward to this spring in our church life together!


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